[0, "Calm", "0-1", "smoke rises vertically", "like a mirror"], [1, "Light Air", "1-3", "rising smoke drifts", "small ripples"], [2, "Light Breeze", "4-7", "leaves rustle", "small wavelets and wind filled sails"], [3, "Gentle Breeze", "8-12", "light flags extend", "large wavelets are visible, sailboats heel"], [4, "Moderate Breeze", "13-18", "moves thin branches", "working breeze, sailboats at hull speed"], [5, "Fresh Breeze", "19-24", "small trees sway", "numerous whitecaps, time to shorten sails"], [6, "Strong Breeze", "25-31", "large tree branches move", "whitecaps everywhere, sailboats head ashore, large waves"], [7, "Moderate Gale", "32-38", "large trees begin to sway", "much bigger waves, some foam, sailboats at harbor"], [8, "Fresh Gale", "39-46", "small branches are broken from trees", "foam in well marked streaks, larger waves, edges of crests break off"], [9, "Strong Gale", "47-54", "slight damage occurs to buildings", "high waves, dense spray, visibility affected"], [10, "Whole Gale", "55-63", "large trees uprooted, considerable building damage", "very high waves, heavy sea roll, surface white with spray and foam, visibility impaired"], [11, "Storm", "64-74", "extensive widespread damage", "exceptionally high waves, small to medium ships obscured, visibility poor"], [12, "Hurricane", "74+", "extreme destruction", "waves 40+', air filled with foam and spray, visibility restricted"]